29 ธันวาคม 2021

Customer Strategy: Understand, Engage, Acquire, and Retain Customers in the Disruption Age

This handbook provides an end to end approach that embrace the new technology advancement in this field to win customers.
29 เมษายน 2021

Organization Alchemy: The Organizational Change Workbook

It is common to say that we live in an age of change, an age of discontinuity, and age of disruptions. The exponential change of the fast-moving digital technologies is reshaping the nature of businesses, industries, and economies on a scale never seen before. Nevertheless, what does an exponential change really look like?
13 ธันวาคม 2019

Organizational Alchemy: Strategic Moves Towards Organizational Change Management

Following the success of the first edition of Sasin Organization Handbook: Organizational Change Management,We are very pleased to present a new, updated edition of this invaluable book for business professionals and practitioners and throughout the business community.
13 ธันวาคม 2019

Demographic Disruption : Get your company ready for the future

Every business, every organization, every venture depends on human capital for success. Whether it’s staff, management, suppliers, or customers, without people, none would survive. It’s a basic and obvious truth. Bur there are elements within that equation that may be overlooked. When hiring, we open our doors and receive application.
13 ธันวาคม 2019

Business Plan Cookbook: A Recipe for a new business

Most business executives and entrepreneurs find themselves time and time again chasing around to managing their businesses. They create state-of-the-art innovations, push the most creative marketing campaigns, organize their businesses to order and strive to manage their cash flows. However, most business executives hardly find enough time or anyone to actually sit down to revise what really brings value or drives their businesses..