Organizational Alchemy: Strategic Moves Towards Organizational Change Management

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9 December 2019
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10 December 2019

Following the success of the first edition of Sasin Organization Handbook: Organizational Change Management,We are very pleased to present a new, updated edition of this invaluable book for business professionals and practitioners and throughout the business community. Whether one likes it or not, as the business world keeps turning, change is inevitable. Change, and therefore change management strategies, are not only essential in response to the demands of ever tougher marketplaces, the advent of new business opportunities, mergers & acquisitions and internal developments. They are critical matters of business survival, development and growth. To cope with the challenges that inevitably accompany change calls for well-planned strategies. Uncontrolled change can have disastrous results but effective change management can curtail the risks organizations encounter during the makeover process. Whether your management strategies are implemented by internal personnel or professional consultants, all the elements of change must be clearly stated and stakeholder needs closely consulted. The purpose of this book is to help you build a strong foundation for successful change management strategies, leading to a firmly grounded, more competitive and increasingly successful organization.