Organization Toolbox

Business Plan Cookbook: A Recipe for a new business
9 December 2019

To stay competitive in a fast-changing world, business leaders have shifted focus from crafting cutting-edge strategy to process improvement. More recently, human resources have been recognized as critical for leadership in the marketplace. These shifts are reflected in the evolving consulting demands of business.

This evolution in the competitive landscape of the business world will continue. Organizations need to adjust to yet another period of disruption. In the fast-paced world of economic, social, environmental, and technological changes, corporates need to prepare by building internal capacity.

This book contains a collection of organizational and human resources development tools based on the experience of Sasin Management Consulting, which has helped a wide number of organizations strengthen their operations and materialize their strategies. Use of these tools has been monitored and adjusted in order to minimize deficiencies and to improve effectiveness.

We hope that this book will provide a helpful guide on organizational and human resource development in order to achieve sustainable competitiveness.